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Professional website and marketing solutions for modern business needs.

Corporate Websites

Businesses with an established brand or a diverse product offering require a thoughtful and engaging modern web presence that communicates key brand messages and makes it easy for customers to find what they need. For that reason, Corporate Website projects are larger and typically take between two and three months to complete.

Building Corporate Websites in 2019 requires a talented team of facilitators, designers, copy experts, web developers, and marketing specialists. Uplyft handles all the leg-work and brings together dynamic teams of professionals to match your project.

Boutique Websites

One of the most common projects we get asked to work on is the Boutique Website. Boutique Websites are smaller in scope and generally range from one to five pages – they are more like online brochures.

Ideal for businesses on a tight budget who want to get up and running within a couple weeks.

At Uplyft, we make Boutique Websites affordable by leveraging the power of WordPress and Squarespace to deliver exceptional modern features that look great on all devices.  Boutique Websites start you off with a solid online presence that can grow with your business.

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Looking For a Website Service Provider?

Uplyft provides website security, optimization, reporting, and administration services. We also custom build Sales Funnels and Lead Funnels to compliment your existing website.

Complete Website Security

All websites in 2019 need real-time security, no matter which industry your business is in. Your customers depend on you to ensure that their data is protected, and that requires a multi-layer strategy that starts with your hosting account, includes any third-party service providers, and ends with your website application. We use a world-class hosting company (see SiteGround below) and various third-party vendors (e.g., McAfee Identity Protection, Sucuri Website Firewall) to deliver real-time protection and monitoring of your entire website infrastructure.

We take care of registering SSL Certificates, connecting to a Content Delivery Network, Hardening WordPress, and whatever particular security requirements your business needs. We make sure you understand how security affects your online presence so that you can make informed decisions about how to keep your customers’ data safe, and how to keep your business data, safe.

Modern.   Smart.   Agile.

Website Design

We walk you through a discovery process that starts with your brand, your products and services, and your unique way of doing business, and finally to learn about you. Next, we iteratively build designs, mockups, and prototypes that we use to guide the final website design.

Website Modernization

Already own a website? We can upgrade the core technologies of your website so that you can provide modern features to your customers and staff. Modernization often includes designing new workflows so that you are more efficient and more productive.

Marketing Funnels

Take your marketing to the next level and start using marketing funnels for your products and services. Marketing funnels can be built with third-party software or built into your website directly. Increase traffic and increase sales.
WordPress Powers Millions of Websites
Learn how to put your website to work for your business. Contact Uplyft and schedule a strategy meeting.

Web Hosting

The foundation of every website starts with the hosting company. We trust SiteGround because they offer many modern features, with 24/7 support, and 100% uptime. We’ve hosted dozens of WordPress websites on SiteGround and our experience has been excellent. If you’re looking to host your next website, or you need a recommendation for a web hosting company, look no further.


WordPress powers millions of websites because it delivers an excellent framework for building content-driven websites that integrate well with Social Media. The maturity of the technology has led to a diverse ecosystem of themes, plugins, and service providers that make it possible to build any kind of website imaginable.

Online brochures and small, static websites can be built through the use of more traditional methods (i.e., html, css, javascript).


The “look and feel” of WordPress websites is handled through the use of Themes. One outstanding WordPress Theme, called Divi, creates an experience that is intuitive, flexible, and fun to use. Divi was built by Elegant Themes, a company dedicated to building beautiful websites and supporting a community of designers and developers. We’ve built dozens of websites using this framework, and love it.


Security has become such an important topic that Google has recently recommend the adoption of secure connections (HTTPS) between ALL websites and visitors. Modern websites require multi-faceted strategies that protect both the web hosting account and the website itself. SiteGround provides high-quality security features that combine with premium WordPress security plugins and third-party security providers.


The phrase “Search Engine Optimization” refers to a wide array of technologies and tactics that, in 2017, emphasize improving the user experience through better content design and delivery, which includes things like Page Load speed and Adaptive Designs. As search engines find new ways to rank websites, businesses must adapt their online presence to stay relevant. We optimize the technology and help you optimize the content.

Marketing Infrastructure

Marketing Architecture refers to the technologies you use to create Landing Pages, opt-in forms, mailing lists, email autoresponders, content creation, and handle lead management through the entire process so that they become loyal customers.

You can either build marketing funnels directly into your website or you can take advantage of cloud-based services like LeadPages to handle your marketing funnels.


There are many good reasons to open an online store, which eCommerce method you use depends on a number of factors (# of SKUs, payment types, recurring payments, etc.). If your business is ready to begin selling products online, schedule a consultation to go over your options. There are a number of excellent eCommerce-as-a-service (e.g., Shopify) vendors as well as self-hosted (e.g., wooCommerce) options to fit your business model and budget.

Industry Expertise

Building a website that weaves together dozens of layers of technologies and Best Practices takes training and experience. We’ve been working with businesses and organizations for many years and understand the process of launching websites and online stores. We’ve watched the internet grow up, and have continued to expand our own skills and service offerings.

Customer Support

We work with great clients. Together we build beautiful websites. Our goal is to create a warm and friendly environment where we can come to understand your business and eventually build a website that’s perfect for your business. Existing clients can access a support system through their account, which also provides access to tutorials, FAQs, and other helpful resources. We also provide monthly and yearly maintenance packages.


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I've been working with Emilio for a few years, and he has helped me focus my website on what matters to my business. The website looks great and fits my blogging habits.

Kevin Kaminski, CEO

When R3 Demolition and Deconstruction needed a modern website, Emilio was instrumental in making sure that our company's mission and vision were forefront. Emilio delivers excellence.

Travis Blake, CEO