Our Process

After years of building websites and working with all kinds of individuals and companies, we’ve learned that by following a clear process, the project will complete on time and we are able to walk our clients through the twists and turns of launching a premium WordPress website.

The process starts with understanding your business and meeting with you to better learn about the needs, requirements, and scope of the project.

You can expect professional etiquette, sound advice, and patient understanding from start to finish. At Uplyft, take seriously our role as consultants that deliver excellence, and the following process (outlined below) elaborates on how we will do that. By the time your website is ready for launch, we guarantee that your website will meet or surpass your expectations.

Before we can get started, though, take a moment and review Steps 1-3 because they include some important information.



What We Need to Get Started

The start of every project begins by gathering all the necessary information needed to analyze and evaluate your existing WordPress installation. Most clients that contact Uplyft have WordPress websites already in action on a web hosting company like Host Gator or GoDaddy. If you’re starting a new website project, we’ll handle this part.

If you already have an existing WordPress installation, we’ll need the following information:

  1. The login credentials for your web hosting account
    • Username | Password | URL to your cpanel
  2. The login credentials for your WordPress Backend
    • Username | Password | URL to your WordPress Admin
  3. Your logo and any graphical assets that can be used on the website*
  4. Your brand style guide (if you have one)
  5. Sample images of websites, imagery, and marketing that you find appealing or appropriate for your project*



Each Project Is Expertly Managed

Web projects are inherently complex and require many conversations and files to reach the finish line. Our client’s projects are completed on time and on budget partly because we manage projects through a web-based project management portal that breaks your project down into Milestones and Tasks. You can log in at any time and view progress in real-time.

In your “Welcome” email, you will find all the information you need to log in and we encourage you to verify that you can log in and access the project folders and files.

If you experience difficulties logging in, send us an email.

We’ll be using the portal to comment on designs, share ideas, provide feedback, and to track the progress of the project. By using a portal to share files and communications, we’ll be able to ensure ideas and files don’t get lost.



Development Cycle


Design & Mockups

The first phase of the Development Cycle focuses on bringing your vision to life. It is an iterative phase and usually consists of up to three rounds of designs followed by building mockups of the final design. Mockups communicate your company’s brand, the basic user interface, and the primary pages of your website.

WordPress Construction

The second phase of the Development Cycle focuses on building the WordPress development server and integrating your company’s business information. Once the development server is built and configured, we’ll build all the major Pages of the website. Once all the Pages are completed, we will have a meeting to go over each one in detail and fine tune the look and feel before the final work is completed.

Sign-off & Pre-launch

The final phase of the Development Cycle focuses on verifying that the website matches the original goals and requirements. Once you Sign-off on the website, we’ll begin preparing the development website for launch. There are a number of housekeeping tasks and Best Practices to work through to ensure that your website performs well. Part of this phase includes preliminary Page Rank and SEO analyses to locate any remaining issues.



Optimization, Security, Testing

The final work to prepare the website for launch includes optimizing it to achieve a high score in Page Rank as well enabling server-side and WordPress security features, and activating regular backups.

Uplyft provides 1 month of monitoring and Administration of your new website to ensure that your launch is hassle-free.

Once all the final functions and tweaks are incorporated, we will schedule a meeting to walk through the Live website and celebrate the launch of your new online presence.



Launch & Next Steps

Once your website is launched, you’ll want to share the news with friends and family members, and your valued customers. We recommend that you build some anticipation around your website launch, and then continue to share the message for a couple of weeks afterward.

If you experience difficulties logging into your website, send us an email or submit a ticket in your Client Dashboard.

All our clients receive resources after their website is launched to help them stay actively engaged with their website and customers. You will find access to these resources in your WordPress Admin panel as well as your Client Dashboard.