WordPress Emergency

The situation is critical and your WordPress website is on the fritz or something is broken. Uplyft can help. We build websites and can fix them too. The good news is that most problems can be fixed within 5 hours because many problems are typically localized to a small portion of your website.

One of the biggest reasons that WordPress websites begin malfunctioning stems from the unfortunate situation where the original developer no longer maintains the website.

New WordPress features that enable automatic updates are a double-edged sword. They ensure that the code base is up-to-date, but with each new update, there is a compounding risk of failure. Eventually, an unattended WordPress website will begin to suffer performance issues.

To avoid this from happening in the future, we recommend that you invest in a maintenance package.

There are 4 steps we walk through to get your website working again.


Fill out the form

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We’ll call you

Once we receive your contact information and review the problem, we’ll call you to discuss the situation and make sure we understand what you are experiencing. Sometimes problems are not visible/reproducible due to differences between browsers and browser settings.


We need the following information

To complete the assessment, we’ll need your:
(1) web hosting account credentials (username/password/cpanel URL)
(2) WordPress Admin credentials.

This step is critical. We cannot properly diagnose WordPress problems without access to your web hosting account and WordPress Administration.


We’ll report back

Once we’ve successfully logged into your WordPress installation and can inspect how it is configured, we’ll begin fixing the problem. Most WordPress issues can be fixed within 5 hours because the cause is usually isolated to customizations within your theme or plugins.


Basic Fix

If we can fix the problem within 5 hours, we’ll do the work, and report back with the results.

Advanced Fix

If the problem is more complex, we’ll provide a detailed report about the nature of the problem and our recommendations for how to properly fix it. We won’t initiate any complex work without your approval.